Well Dressed Windows

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?  We will talk on the phone when we set up our initial appointment and ask you a few brief questions such as:  What room(s) are you doing?  Are you interested in blinds or draperies or both?  What colors and style are your furnishings?  Do you have any special concerns or needs?

Is there a charge for the appointment?  All of our consultations are done free of charge.

Is the appointment at your location or mine?  We meet in your home so that your windows can be measured and accessed.  It also is invaluable to be with your furniture, carpeting, wall color, lighting, etc. when making the selections.

How long should I expect the appointment to last?  We usually try to allow two hours for the initial appointment.  If you are only doing blinds, the appointment could take less time.

Are you available evenings or weekends?  Yes, we are!  Our schedule is very accommodating and flexible.

How do we receive our quote?  We will get back to you within several days, usually via email, with a written quote.

What if I decide that I do not want to order or I would like to change something? You are under no obligation to purchase from us.  Should you like to make a reselection of something or eliminate an item(s), we will do so.  If another appointment is necessary, we will gladly come out again.

What are your payment terms?  The ordering process begins with receipt of a fifty percent deposit (cash or check).  Balance is due at installation.

Now that we have placed the order, how long should we expect it to take for installation?  We typically quote 3 – 4 weeks for blinds, 6 weeks for shutters, and 8 weeks for custom fabric treatments.  Please note that these are estimated times and that they can vary depending on other factors and time of year.  If you have a particular need, we will do everything that we can to accommodate you.

How is the installation performed?  We will call to set up an appointment once the order is in.  If you are just ordering blinds, the installer will come and hang the blinds and have an invoice for you to give him the balance due.  If you are ordering fabric treatments, Eileen will accompany the installer to make sure that everything is hung at the proper height and dressed the proper way.  Often, final “tweaks” are made on the jobsite at installation that may or may not have been anticipated.  Eileen will collect the balance due.