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The Window Treatment Dress Code


How to Dress Arch Top Windows

An arch top window is a semicircular window that is typically placed above a rectangular window. They are also called Palladian windows, half-moons, or half rounds.  These windows are one of Well Dressed Windows’ specialties!

Since these windows are often the second or third row on a two story window, it makes them even more challenging to treat.  One good thing
about them being up so high is that privacy and/or light control are usually not an important issue.  If it is, we can have the blind, shade or shutter operated remotely with minimal cost.  And of course, our installer will make a professional template.

A perfect arch is when the height of your window is exactly half of the width.  However, the arch can be presented in many other forms:  It can have straight sides, be a quarter of a circle, or it can be elongated or eyebrow shaped.  Sometimes there are rectangular windows on either side that do not have arches above them.  Because of their unique characteristics, it’s best to have an in-home consultation where we can recommend the ideal custom treatment to bring out the beauty of your arch top windows.

When it comes to dressing your arch top window, the question is do you choose blinds, shutters, drapes, or valances?

If privacy or light control is your concern and you want something that you can open and close, shutters are the perfect solution.  They are custom made to frame whatever shape of window you may have.  The louvers of the shutter can be horizontal or they can be a sunburst design.

When considering blinds or shades for an arch window, keep in mind that you cannot raise a shade to a measurement that is a narrower width than at the bottom!  Honeycomb shades can often be fabricated to follow the shape of the arch.  Some designs are operable (fan shaped or dropping from the top down) and others are fixed.  In addition, with some limitations, you can have Silhouettes, roman shades, or wood blinds.

For draperies, my favorite option is to place decorative medallions that follow the shape of the arch and “droop” the drapery panels at the top between the medallions to form a casual, but sophisticated look.  There are many pictures in Our Gallery that showcase this style.

Another option for arch top windows with draperies is to have the workroom make a flexible wood frame of the shape of the arch and hang the drapes from this fabric covered board.  Being more traditional, a straight rod can be placed either above or below the arch with draperies hanging from them.

And lastly, there are many valance styles that can be altered to follow the shape of the arch and mounted on flexible boards, medallions, rods, etc.  If you can dream it, we can probably fabricate it!


Dressing Your Windows With Style


 Custom finished window treatments help to make your dream environment come together  and are worth the wait and investment. Judge for yourself.  Here are Well Dressed Windows’  top ten reasons for why it makes sense for you to invest in custom window treatments:

 Purchasing custom window treatments is like purchasing a piece of commissioned artwork.  No two are exactly alike!

 The selection process is done in the comfort of your home, with your furnishings, your wall  color, and your lighting.

 The selection process is made easier by using the extensive portfolio Eileen brings to help  you visualize your final product.  She can also provide computer renderings or sketches.

 You select the perfect fabric in the perfect color to match your décor.

 Your style selection is practically unlimited.  “If you can dream it, Eileen can make it!”

 Proper proportion is the first fundamental to all great window treatments.  Proportion, length, and width are all made to fit your window; it is not one size fits all.

You are working with an experienced designer that does this every day and can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.

The workmanship is quality through and through.  Hems are blind stitched, treatments are lined, patterns are matched at the seams and from one piece to the next, thread is color coordinated, etc.

Hardware is ordered exactly to fit the size of your windows.  It does not bow or sag and there are no telescoping rods. 

And the finishing touch - your custom treatments will be professionally installed so they reflect quality workmanship to the very end.

Have your family and friends wowing at your next get together. Call today at 440 498 9119 for free consultation. But first, stop by our website for a special offer and to see what your windows could look like at www.dressedwindows.com.


How to Dress Bay Windows

Let’s begin with a definition of what is a bay window.  It is a group of windows that are built outward from an inside wall, with the side windows angled off of the center window.  The side windows are typically narrower than the center window, although they can be the same size.  Do you have a bay window in your home and not know what type of window treatment to put on it?  Following are some suggestions.

First of all, if you need privacy or protection from sun glare on the windows, all of your usual types of blinds and shades will work:  honeycomb shades, wood blinds, Silhouettes, roman shades, natural wovens, shutters, etc.

Unless you work with a professional, dressing up the windows with draperies can get a bit tricky.  If you want draperies, we can order rods with adjustable elbows that will bend in the corners of the bay, or have custom rods made to fit the angles.  We can also get traversing draperies with rods that have slides that will go around the bends so that you have one pair of drapes, not three.  Another option would be to go across the front wall of the opening, but that blocks your lovely view! 

Valances are quite a bit easier to achieve for a bay.  Most valances nowadays are mounted on fabric covered boards.  Our workroom will miter the boards to fit perfectly in the angles of your bay.  If you valance is on a rod, we can also do that.  (See above for draperies.) 

Oftentimes we will do blinds or shades on the individual windows for privacy and then a pair of drapery side panels on the outside edges of the bay to dress it up.  If the bay is quite large, we can also add a pair of drapery side panels on the inside corners of the bay. 

And don’t forget a custom upholstered bench cushion to fit perfectly in your bay if it has a bench.  Add some custom throw pillows, and you are all set to go!

For more ideas on bay windows, give us a call at 440 498 9119 or visit our website at www.DressedWindows.com and search our gallery for bay windows.




How to Dress French Doors

French doors are classic and elegant architectural elements that connect the inside to the outside of the home. 

The history of the French door dates back as far as the 17th century when France was at war with Italy. A French door, also known as a French window, is a light door that has glass panes that extend for most of its length and usually come in a pair. The original French doors were constructed of individual, single-paned pieces of glass and wood—basically a window. But over time, the door has become widely popular throughout its existence because of its multi-functional uses and beauty. A French door is a popular choice for many home owners and office buildings because they bring light into a room and also function as a door.

Treating French doors can be a bit tricky. It is not at all the same as dressing a regular window. It is a window, but you also must be able to get in and out of the door that swings open and closed.  Functionality is key here. So, your window treatment must either be directly on the door or above and beside the door.

Around the door is relatively simple. A rod is hung slightly above the door frame and goes all the way across the doors and beyond so that when the draperies are stacked, they clear the door(s). The important thing here is to add enough length to the rod so that when the draperies are open, the fabric also clears the door.  Remember also to add width to the draperies for this added rod length!  Custom window treatments take a lot of math work!

  A more common treatment today is to put blinds or shades directly on the door frame to cover the glass area and give you privacy.  Some options to consider are wood blinds, honeycomb shades, roller shades, or roman shades.  Virtually any type of blind or shade can be ordered with hold down brackets so that the product does not sway and bang when the door is opened and closed.  If you do not plan on using the particular door frequently, you may not want to have hold downs installed though as they can be a bit cumbersome to use.

 One concern that a professional will look at, is if there is enough room to operate the door handle or lever without the blind impinging.  Options are available if that is an issue that we can discuss with you.

Custom shutters with cut outs to go around the door handle are the ultimate in French door treatments!  They’re like furniture for your doors!  Call us at Well Dressed Windows for dressing your beautiful French doors:  (440) 498-9119. Also, visit us online for inspiration at http://dressedwindows.com/.  Once in “Our Gallery”, type in “French” in the search box.  It will bring you to a second screen and ask if you want to narrow your search.  Type in “Doors” in that box.





How to Dress Tall Windows                                   

Tall Window Dressing for Living RoomDressing tall windows is all about proportion!  Panels need to be wider, hems and headings need to be beefier, and hardware needs to be of a larger diameter.

So, let’s address each one of these individually:  Typically a pair of drapery side panels is one and one half widths of fabric per side that is stacked back to about 20” or so.  On a two story window of the same width, we would make those panels at least two widths of fabric per side that is stacked back to about 30” or so.  While these mathematics may not mean much to you, just remember that you want your draperies to look substantial.   

Besides the panels themselves being wider, the headings on the top of the panels and hems on the bottom of the panels also need to be proportionately bigger.  A typical hem or header is 4” long.  For a tall window, we often increase one or both items to 6” or 8”.

Hardware for tall windows needs to be larger. Standard size wood rods are 1 3/8” or 2” in diameter.  For a tall window, however, we would increase that to a 3” wood rod.  The more substantial wrought iron rods which typically measure 1”- 1 ½” should be replaced with a 2” wrought iron rod on a tall window.  This change in hardware is necessary to properly enhance the beautiful, fuller drapes. You don’t want the rod that your beautiful draperies are hanging from to look like a pencil up there! Rings, brackets, and finials also need to match this larger circumference.

When dressing tall windows, draperies must cover the full height of the windows.  When you treat just the lower half of a tall window you end up visually chopping your room in half. Bring the eye up to the drama of the windows. However, privacy blinds or shades may be installed just on the lower part of the window. Privacy and light glare are generally not a concern on the upper windows.  If they are, then motorization is the way to go on the second story windows.  And of course, we can help you with that too.

Tall windows are dramatic and deserve a dramatic treatment. Give us a call at Well Dressed Windows to help dress your tall windows, or any other window project. www.DressedWindows.com
Tall Window Dressing for Great Room