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Swags & Cascades

Think of “swags” as “swoops” of fabric going across the top of the window. They are folded or gathered in a semi circular shape and are mounted on a rod or a fabric covered board. Typically there are cascades (also called jabots) at the sides. The cascades can be pleated or gathered and are angle cut on the lower edge. Often the lining of the cascades is a contrast fabric.

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Cornices are built with a wood frame on the top, sides, and front. They are padded with a Dacron wrap and covered with fabric pulled taut and stretched to the back. In addition to being straight, they can have many different types of shaped bottoms.

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An overall term for any type of window treatment that goes across the top of a window, rather than down the sides. They can be mounted in a variety of different ways – from a fabric covered board, from rods, from medallions – or be creative! We have used bamboo poles and oars in the past!

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Curtains have a rod pocket on the top of the panels and the fabric is gathered on the rods. Often they only go to the sill, rather than the floor.

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Draperies are pleated in various ways and usually go to the floor. They usually can be opened and closed.
Side Panels – Side panels are draperies that do not open or close. They are placed at the sides of the windows for decorative purposes only. They can hang straight down or be tied back.

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Roman Shades

These are fabric shades that fold from the bottom up. They are offered in a variety of different fold styles. Some are casual and have a swoop, others have tucks to them to break up the flat look, and still others have soft rolls in them, even when they are all of the way down. In addition, they can be made to drop down from the top, as well as raised from the bottom.

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Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades

No matter what your needs are, Hunter Douglas has a product to cover it! Do you want privacy, light control, room darkening, insulation, sound absorption, or ease of use?

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Balloon Shades

These are fabric shades that can be operable or stationary. Similar in some regards to roman shades, but having more fullness. They can be gathered at the top or have flat tops with inverted box pleated sections. The bottoms have swoops going across them and can have “tails” on the outer edges. Often there is trim on the lower edges.

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For all types of homes – traditional to contemporary, shutters add unsurpassed beauty to windows and doors. As has been said, they are “furniture for your windows!” They are available in both wood and composite wood and either stained or painted finishes.

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